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Rodolfo Ramirez Home

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The University of Texas at Brownsville

Welcome to Rodolfo Ramirez's Electronic Portfolio




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Mission Statement


As a 21st century teacher:

     I will empower students to innovate, create, and problem-solve utilizing their advanced skills in the use of today’s technology and resources.

     I will minimize the external influences and challenges students struggle with to create an efficient and productive classroom. 

     I will inspire student leadership, cooperative learning, and ingenuity to face the challenges of the unpredictable future.


About Me

Hello, and welcome to my e-portfolio! I am currently in my fourth year as a U.S. History teacher at San Benito High School in San Benito, Texas. As a secondary classroom teacher, I have gained a great awareness of the challenges our students will face in the 21st century and have realized collaboration amongst everything is a skill imperative to their success. Throughout this program, I have focused on trying to find the best practices for my classroom. You will quickly realize the majority of my projects revolved around the question, "Would this work in my classroom?"


Purpose of this E-Portfolio

This e-portfolio provides an exhibition of my best works and their correlation to the responsibilities set out by the University of Texas at Brownsville's Ed Tech program required for graduation. Of course, this e-portfolio is also a true expression and reflection of my thoughts and ideas over technology and instructional methods. Overall, this e-portfolio will provide you a good idea of my personal skills with technologies and more importantly my personal viewpoint over learning after my work in the Ed Tech program. I elected to utilize a wiki not only because this is where I originally began my e-portfolio, but I also felt the wiki allows for users to leave comments at the end of each page. Also, wikis somewhat exemplify my work throughout the program which primarily sought to find cost effective and practical technological applications.


Organization and Suggested Path

The e-portfolio follows the organization set out by the hyperlinked navigation found at the top of this page. Begin by examining my Reflection Letter which provides a view of my personal growth throughout the program. Proceed to the Matrix which exhibits the projects aligned with the responsibilities established by the program to be reviewed for graduation. Under Courses Taken, you can see a list of all of the courses completed with additional projects and works completed throughout my tenure in the program. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to discuss anything else, all of my updated contact information can be found under Contact Me. Feel free to call or email me at any time.


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